Monday, August 2, 2010

My first time peeing on a stick

I arrive home from my honeymoon and go about life as a normal newlywed couple. Awww the bliss!! Chasing each other around the room....wait oh sorry.  get my mind back to the story.  So I am a week late on my period and I get so excited.  Now I should say that from the age of 14, aunt flo has never visited on schedule with out inconsiderate.  However, I had been birthcontrol and was on scheduled right before my honeymoon.

So I drive to the dollar store to get pregnancy test.  I mean, come on, I am a college student married to a college student.  No e.p.t.'s for this chick.  They were like $18.  Okay maybe not that much but might as well have been with my budget.  So I go to the dollar store to get my pregnancy test. I am walking up and down every aisle. scouring the shelfs....nothing..nada...zilch.  So I finally ask a worker if they have any pregnancy test.  She yells across the store to the cashier...."Do you still have those pregnancy test up there?"  Gee!!! Lady I mean what if I wanted to keep it on the DL (down low). I mean what if I am a teenager trying to hide it from my momma. I mean....I thought I looked that young.  Okay maybe not so much.  So after I get an affirmative all the way across the store.  I proceed to buy my first every pregnancy test.  How exciting.

I don't know why some cashiers feel the need to ask you about the details of why you are taking the test or wish you luck.  Not all do it but every once in a blue moon I have had a cashier play 20 questions with me.  Same with this one.  She looks at it "Awww a pregnancy test.  Are you excited? Do you think you are pregnat?  How long have you been married?" and so on.  I also don't know why I get so embarassed everytime I buy a pregnancy test.  I feel almost like I am trying to look grown up.  Like I am saying "Yeah I am grown up enough to possible be pregnant. I am so cool"  I am such a dork sometimes.

So I dash home.  I am dreaming of all the ways I am going to tell Milton or my parents or his parents.  I read the directions....reread just to make sure I have it. Pee on a stick and get a Big Fat.......

any stories that you would like to share while I drag this story out?  Dont worry I will get to it next post


  1. I do want to let anyone know who reads this that I have debated back and forth about whether to post this story. I do not want this blog to be about my journey in trying to get a child. While I recognize that I will have to talk about my journey here and there, I do not want this to be the sole focus of this blog. I want it to be all about "keeping the hope" and help others.

    I finally decided that it was important for anyoen who reads this blog to know about my journey and all the ups and downs. So I hope you will bear with me as I tell the story and know that future post will be a little bit different. Thanks! Amanda

  2. NO keep going! I def. think you need to post the link out to your facebook followers...because I did not get an update!! People want to read this....this is good stuff!

  3. I think its easier to talk to people you "know" and sharing your story will help. It nice to know there is a common thread.

  4. Hey there! Happy Birthday Amanda! We love to hear personal stories it makes people seem more realistic. I HOPE you have an excellent birthday today!