Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From the Beginning

As the main author of this blog I thought it might be a good idea to tell you how I came to this point in my life.  to tell you of my journey.  It might be longer. It might be shorter. It might be less and it might be more than what some of you have gone through.  It is a part of me and has shaped the person that I have become.
In 2003 I married my sweetheart.  I was a very young 21 year old but oh so in love.  All up to the wedding we decided that given my medical history it wsa best to try for a baby right away.  I know people would feel that was stupid but after taking to my doctor he felt it was best or if we were going to wait to not wait too long. So we made our decision to start right away.

 So fast forward to the honey moon.  I had gotten off birth control about 2 months before.  Since I was on birthcontrol my periods were regular. Without giving TMI, we were typical honeymooners and maybe even more excited because we had waited until marriage to have "relations" the hortizontal polka.....dirty dance... you get the point.We walked around Hawaii blissfully happy unaware of the journey ahead of us. 

One sunny afternoon, we sat infront of a statue of a famous surfer named Duke Kahanamoku.  We joked that if I got pregnant with a boy we would name him Duke or at least his middle name.  Sometimes I wish we could rewind to that day.....when we did not know about the hard work ahead of us.

3 weeks after returning home from my honeymoon I was officially a week late..........

to be continued


  1. Beautiful wedding picture!

    I think this blog is an excellent idea - thanks for doing it!

  2. Thanks Sauraita, It is not the best wedding picture of me. I have way better but I love the look on our faces because I think it captures the love we have for eachother. I am about to cry. Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  3. Ah, I don't want to wait for the rest of the story! I'm adding you to my google reader!

  4. I agree, the expressions on your faces tell such a story. Beautiful photo.

  5. will be following and praying for you. Reading your blog has brought me hope. :D